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Last updated: May 29th, 2023

There’s no shortage of fabulous hotels in Zurich, and many of them are gay-friendly. These establishments are an excellent option for gay travelers, partly because they’re often close to gay bars, and partly because you get to support an establishment that supports and promotes your values.

Whether you’re gay yourself or you just want to support a gay hotel, Zurich won’t disappoint. You’ll get a warm welcome at any of the hotels featured in this guide, so, keep reading to find out about the best gay-friendly hotels in Zurich, and find the best hotel in the part of the city where you want to stay!

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Hotel Adler

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The Adler is a three-star hotel in Zurich’s old town and a great option for queer travelers on a tighter budget. If you want to be close to the city’s best gay bars and nightclubs but you’d rather not spend a fortune on a hotel room, this is definitely an option worth considering.

The hotel is also close to the popular Bahnhofstrasse shopping street, as well as the Swiss National Museum, so you can easily explore the city’s top sights on foot. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in the King Kong parties and similar events in Zurich, you’ll be glad to know that the gay scene in this neighborhood is thriving and you’ll be within walking distance of the best locals.

Additionally, this is one of the more affordable central Zurich hotels. The nightly rate for a single room is 150 CHF, while double rooms can be rented for as little as 210 CHF.

25hours Hotel Zürich Langstrasse

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Langstrasse is the hip and trendy area of Zurich, where you will find a thriving gay nightlife with plenty of gay locales. The area is just a short walk away from the heart of the city, and it’s a great part of Zurich to stay in if you’re looking for lower hotel prices and an excellent gay scene.

25hours Hotel Zürich Langstrasse is LGBTQ+ friendly, so all the gay guests will get a warm welcome. The hotel is close to Zurich’s main train station, so you won’t have to do a lot of walking if you’re arriving in the city by train.

Nightly rates at this hotel are from 200 CHF for the smallest double rooms, and it’s worth noting that the prices are the same for solo travelers and couples. There aren’t any single rooms, so solo travelers will have to book a room for two. This hotel features small, medium, and large double rooms, as well as suites, and the prices range from around 200 CHF to 600+ CHF per night, depending on the size of the room and extra services.

The Dolder Grand Hotel

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The Dolder Grand Hotel is one of the best and most luxurious hotels in the city of Zurich. It’s a little further away from the city center and the gay Zurich scene, but the compromise is that you have fabulous views of Lake Zurich and the city’s rooftops. This is possibly the best gay hotel for travelers who are used to luxury, regardless of their sexual orientation.

It’s a five-star hotel and the absolute cheapest rooms are 790 CHF per night. At the same time, this hotel offers a fabulous designer suite with butler service for a measly 14,000 CHF per night. The upside is that the nightly rate includes all the amenities you could need during your stay, from free Wi-Fi to car rentals and shuttle service to the city center.

Marktgasse Hotel

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The Marktgasse Hotel is a great option for travelers looking for a hotel with a central location. This hotel is in the heart of Zurich’s old town, just a short walk away from Grossmunster, Fraumunster, St. Peter’s Church, and many other tourist attractions in the city.

The Marktgasse features mostly spacious rooms, except for their Tiny Room, which is perfect for solo travelers. It’s also the hotel’s cheapest room with an average nightly rate of 200 CHF, whereas the bigger double rooms go for 400-550 CHF per night. Every room features free Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, and a TV so you can watch free movies.

The hotel is also on the same street as Cranberry Bar, an established gay bar in the heart of the city. Plenty of other gay bars and clubs are very close to the hotel, making the Marktgasse an excellent option for travelers who plan on partying in Zurich and want to be within easy walking distance of their hotel.

Ruby Mimi Hotel & Bar

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Ruby Mimi is one of the newer hotels in Zurich situated about a block away from the city’s main train station. Stay here if you want to be in the heart of the city, close to all of Zurich’s best tourist attractions. The only downside is that you won’t be adjacent to the city’s best gay bars and nightclubs, but most will still be within easy walking distance.

Because this is a fairly new hotel, the room rates are still surprisingly affordable, at least for a hotel with a location in central Zurich. The smallest double room is just under 200 CHF, while the most expensive room goes for some 300 CHF per night. All rooms have a private bathroom, free WiFi, and quiet air conditioning.

Widder Hotel

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If you’re looking for five-star hotels in Zurich, the Widder is one of the best options. It’s located in the center of Zurich’s old town, so you’ll be perfectly located for exploration of the city’s best tourist attractions and landmarks.

Staying at this hotel means dining in fabulous restaurants and being taken on boat rides, which is a solid compromise for having to travel a bit to the closest gay bar. Single rooms at the Widder go for 700 CHF per night, while double rooms are at least 820 CHF.

If you want to stay at the hotel’s penthouse with panoramic vistas of Lake Zurich and the city’s rooftops, you’ll need to spend around 3,800 CHF per night. It’s worth noting that you’ll have to pay extra for breakfast if you choose one of the single or double rooms, but not if you opt for one of the hotel suites.

CitizenM Zurich

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CitizenM Zurich is a great hotel for young queer travelers who want to meet other people during their stay but also be centrally located in Zurich. This hotel is known for its small rooms, affordable prices, and large communal areas where you can hang out with other travelers.

This hotel is in the historic center of Zurich, just a few minutes away from the Old Botanical Garden. There’s a tram station right in front of the hotel, which can help you get around the city quickly. Otherwise, you’re about 10 minutes away from the shore of Lake Zurich and other famous attractions in the city’s old town.

The nightly rate for the smallest room is around 250 CHF, and it’s the same price whether the room is booked for one or two travelers. It’s worth noting that this special rate is available only to those who create an account with CitizenM, which can be done easily and within just a few minutes.

Baur au Lac

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Baur au Lac is a five-star hotel near the shore of Lake Zurich. It’s an LGBTQ+-friendly hotel and one of the better options for travelers who prefer staying at upscale hotels. The location is excellent because you’re in the city center and close to all the popular attractions, but also the trams and buses can quickly take you to the heart of Zurich’s gay scene.

This is an expensive, upscale hotel, and a night in a single room at Baur au Lac will cost you at least 623 CHF, without breakfast. Double rooms can be booked for 770 CHF, but that’s only if you book a room months in advance and get their special early-bird rate. Overall it’s a pricey hotel, but it has the location, service, and room size to justify the higher rates.

Sorell Hotel Seefeld

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The Sorell Hotel is situated in Seefeld, an area of Zurich just south of the city’s famous Opera House. It’s close to Lake Zurich, the Chinese Garden, and Seebad Utoquai, which is one of the city’s best public beaches. If you’re traveling in the summer and you would like to spend some time swimming in Lake Zurich, this hotel might be a good option for you.

The hotel is about a 20-minute walk from some of Zurich’s best gay bars and clubs, or only 5 minutes by tram. The tram stop is very close to the hotel, so you won’t have to do much walking if you’re fine with using public transport.

This is a four-star hotel, so the room prices aren’t that outrageous. It’s approximately 290 CHF for a single room with breakfast, or around 325 CHF for a double room with a queen bed (breakfast included). The prices of other rooms go up to 780 CHF per night, which will get you a night in a two-room apartment with a kitchenette.

Hotel Storchen

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Storchen is a five-star hotel in the historic center of Zurich. It’s on the bank of the Limmat River, overlooking the river and the city’s Rathaus. You can enjoy beautiful scenic views from the spacious rooms of this LGBTQ+-friendly hotel.

The location is excellent for travelers who want to explore Zurich on foot because you’re just a short walk away from most of the city’s best attractions and landmarks. Hotel Storchen is also very close to some of Zurich’s most popular gay bars and clubs in Altstadt and merely a two-minute walk from the Cranberry Bar, one of the city’s first gay bars.

A small room for two will cost you 680 CHF at the Storchen Hotel, and that’s the price without breakfast. More spacious double rooms are 700-1000 CHF per night, while the two-bedroom apartment that can accommodate up to six adults has a nightly rate of 1,550 CHF.


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